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The global pandemic has turned the recruitment world on its head, with rising unemployment and increasing numbers of job-seekers looking for work. Health and Social Care industry has seen the worst effects of the pandemic and has been struggling to cope with the increasing pressure of staffing. Our Overseas Recruitment Programme assists the employers to recruit qualified and skilled candidates from abroad. This provides a cost effective, long-term and sustainable solution to the challenges and demands faced by the industry in the present day.

Recruitment is a hugely time-consuming process which can be an unwelcome distraction when the employers have numerous other HR or business priorities. Our involvement will save you time, and ultimately money, by taking the whole process off your plate and connecting you to some of the best Candidates on the market, quickly and efficiently.

Who we are?

Austin Care Solutions is owned and managed by healthcare professionals who understands the pulse of the industry. We understand the challenges Health and Social Care sector faces in recruitment and retention which is increasingly alarming. We support the employers to act proactively to staffing crisis in the industry with our Overseas Recruitment Program. We assist both employers and employees at every stage of the recruitment process and fulfil your requirements as quickly as possible.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help find the employers well trained and qualified candidates who are looking for the right opportunities where they can explore their potentials. Our vision is to ensure that our service offers the employers a skilled, caring and committed staff team, and, at the same time, the candidates we have recruited are able to fulfil their personal and professional development objectives.

Our Values

We work diligently with integrity and professionalism to provide the best recruitment experience to Clients and Candidates.

Our core values drive our behaviours and help us to achieve our goals in an ethical and sustainable way.


Our aim is not to compete against other but rather to continually improve how we conduct ourselves in every aspect of our business so that we become the quality benchmark for recruitment in the regions we serve.


We will always try to use our competencies and skills to best effect to deliver a professional service to our Clients and Candidates. 


Honesty, openness, loyalty and fairness are at the heart of our company’s ethos.

We value the service we provide and take pride in what we do.

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